Stage 1:

The Filter

The first step of cleaner air is making your first line of defense as strong as can be with a high-performance air filter for your HVAC system.

Enjoy an Instant Boost in Your Air Quality with the Right Filter.

  • High Efficiency – Dust and other air contaminants get sucked into your system along with the air. Your filter should be guarding the entryway and catching most of what passes through like a prolific athlete. The bottom of the league won’t keep your home healthy.
  • Protection for All Homes – Are you concerned that you live in an area with a lot of pollution, high pollen count or excess dust? Our filters are designed for everyone, even those with serious indoor air quality concerns.
  • Allergy & Illness Reduction – Allergies, colds, flu and asthma are some things that the right home air filter can reduce, especially one that has a self-cleaning ionizer.
  • No Maintenance – The maintenance-free nature of our air filters is a blessing for your cleaning routine. Despite the more advanced technology, it is hassle-free. All that is required is a periodic replacement.

Stage 2: UV Germicidal Light

The Inhibitor

The bacteria growth inhibitor mimics the natural anti-microbial properties of sun, using UV technology.

A Bacteria Growth Inhibitor Has More Than One Benefit!

While the Bacteria Growth Inhibitor ensures the air from your HVAC unit stays clean, that isn’t all it does.

During regular maintenance, a technician will clean your unit, including the coils.

This keeps your system running efficiently. The UV light helps kill remaining mold, mildew and bacteria, helping the unit run better with less energy and increasing its lifespan. It also significantly reduces musty, moldy smells that waft out from the ducts.

The device itself is small and stealthy, despite packing a big punch. It is easily installed with multiple mounting options. And because of its advanced technology and small size, it comes with a very low operating cost.

Stage 3: Reme Halo

The Eliminator

Slash the chances of getting sick with the bacteria and virus eliminator. It takes an active role in freshening your air.

Stage 4: – Dehumidifier

The Controller

Your home’s humidity is very important for your overall health. The wrong humidity equals unwanted germ growth. This controller can fix that.

Controlling Humidity is Key to Better Indoor Air Quality.

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