There is much to consider when you want to get a new air conditioning system. While you can rely on professional advice from an AC company in Jacksonville, FL like Bold City Heating & Air, it’s still good to go into it with some basic knowledge of your own.

The following are six factors you should consider when deciding which air conditioning system is right for you.

#1. Room Size

Room size is a huge consideration when it comes to getting an air conditioning system. Most systems available from an AC company in Jacksonville, FL will come with a BTU rating, which is based on the amount of power the AC will have and determines the area it can condition. Smaller AC systems are only designed to work in rooms 150 sq ft or smaller, while larger systems can operate in a 500 sq ft+ space. Choose appropriately for the size of room you have to make it the most energy-efficient.

#2. Cost

There is a range in makes and models when it comes to air conditioning systems, from more affordable systems to more expensive ones that have all the bells and whistles (smart home integration, anyone?). The most important thing is to know is your budget before searching. A professional at an AC company in Jacksonville, FL can help recommend something in your price range that provides the comfort you need.

#3. Warranty

Like any machine appliance in your home, the warranty is important. Does the air conditioning system only have a warranty for parts? Or does it include labor? If you choose to have your unit professionally installed, do they have any guarantees, or service plans?

#4. Energy Efficiency

Climate change and rising energy costs are both very valid concerns when it comes to getting an air conditioning system for your home. High energy efficiency will mean that you spend less money to keep your home comfortable. Any appliance you get should be Energy Star rated, and this includes ACs.

#5. Noise Level

If your new AC is too loud, you may not be able to sleep well. Often, professionally installed AC systems are a lot quieter because they are installed out of the way, and the system handles directing cooler air throughout your whole home.

#6. Condensate Type

Any AC that you use needs to be able to get rid of the extra water that it is collecting out of the air while cooling it. Condensate type for an AC unit determines how it gets rid of this water. Drip air conditioners will deposit condensation internally and will require you to manually empty its reservoir from time to time. Partial drip air conditioner will release its condensate through external hoses, either outside, or into drains. No-drip air conditioners release their condensate into the air, often splashing it against cooling piping, increasing energy efficiency, and making dealing with condensation a thing of the past.

Looking for An AC Company In Jacksonville, FL?

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