Your attic is far more than a storage area. It creates a barrier between your living space and the weather, significantly impacting the comfort, efficiency, and air quality of the home. The purpose of attic insulation is to prevent heat transfer. Heat tends to move anywhere that is at a cooler temperature.

In the winter, insufficient levels of insulation encourage heat to rise up and escape outside. During warmer weather, outdoor heat wants to come in. Attic insulation is essential to temperature control and energy savings in Jacksonville, FL, and surrounding areas.

If your attic isn’t properly insulated, you’ll know for a couple of reasons. One, you may experience higher than normal energy bills. Because of your insufficient insulation, Your attic could be freezing during the winter, and stuffy and hot in the summer. Because of the lack of insulation, you could experience water damage, let pests in, and as a result, discover damage to your belongings. Going into your attic shouldn’t be a chore or something you fear. For proper attic insulation installation, Florida residents can depend on our team at Bold City Heating & Air.