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Signs That Your Heating and Cooling System Needs a Repair

Having an effective heating and cooling system in your home can be a real help in both the hot and sticky months and the frigid cold months. But a system that provides instant heat and cooling around your home is prone to damage and eventual problems. A loud whirring noise or funny smell may have … Continued

When Should You Think of AC Repair or Maintenance Services?

If you have an AC unit, you might be unsure about how often you need to have AC maintenance service in Jacksonville, FL. There are a lot of things to consider, such as the frequency of maintenance, your unique unit, the surrounding environment, and warning signs such as warm air flow or humidity. Let’s take … Continued

The Good and Bad of Blown-In Attic Insulation

The attic of your house is much more important than most people think. The attic is a core part of your home’s temperature regulation, where the hot air goes and gets blown out through roof vents in the summer, adding a shield from the hot summer heat and providing a buffer to the cold temperatures … Continued

Five Signs It’s Time to Call an Air Conditioning Repair Professional

Sometimes the balmy days of a Jacksonville summer can be fairly unpleasant. The scorchers Floridians experience are second to none, and it’s important for your health and comfort to get into an air-conditioned climate ASAP. But nothing is worse at the peak of a Florida summer than when you crank on your thermostat and your … Continued

Common Signs You Need Air Duct Cleaning

Maintenance is both an extremely important and annoying part of owning a home. Most of the things we think about with our homes are cosmetic: dented siding, cutting the grass, cleaning the gutters. But that often leaves what is out of sight out of mind. Home is supposed to be comfortable—you don’t want to constantly … Continued

Air Duct Cleaning Service: Basic Things all Homeowners Need to Know

Our HVAC systems are the unsung and unseen heroes of our homes. These complicated systems are responsible for moving air around, providing cool air during the hotter days, and working hard to keep the air clean and clear. Especially in Florida, homeowners need to pay close attention to their home’s air ducts and HVAC systems. … Continued

Five Ways to Maintain Your Heating and Cooling System

It’s that time of the year in Jacksonville, FL – temperatures are dropping and winter is on our heels. Are you prepared? Or better yet, is your heating and cooling system ready? The last thing you need to deal with during a cold winter day is a broken heating system. Like all appliances, there are … Continued

Winter Is Coming: Proper HVAC Maintenance for the Season

Winter Is Coming: Proper HVAC Maintenance for the Season Florida winters may not be quite as brutal as in other states, but especially here in Northeast Florida, we can’t disregard the season as irrelevant… especially as it pertains to our homes. In fact, your HVAC system should have routine maintenance performed before the coldest of … Continued

How Your Air Filter Gets So Dirty, So Fast

How Your Air Filter Gets So Dirty, So Fast Ever find yourself breezing through your air filters faster than anticipated? If it feels like there’s more and more dirt just about every time you look back and blink, then it may be time to reassess both your unit and your strategy for keeping the air … Continued

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