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What temperature should my AC be set to in Jacksonville, Florida

Keeping your home at this preferred temperature will save you money on electric while minimizing the wear and tear on your AC system.

While not every member of your household prefers the same room temperature, studies have shown that the ideal room temperature is between 76 and 78 degree Fahrenheit. At these temperatures, your AC is also reaching its peak efficiency – meaning it is using the least amount of electricity to keep your home at this temperature.


Should I turn off the AC while we are at work?

The answer is No. The fact is that your AC will use more energy when it is left off, or set at a higher temperature. It takes more power to cool down your home then it does to maintain a temperature.

You will put less wear and tear on your air conditioning system while keeping your HVAC system’s operation at the most efficient level.

A digital and programmable thermostat will allow you to:

  1. Have a more accurate temperature reading than the old-fashion mercury stick thermostat
  2. Allow you to program a set temperature schedule for your air conditioning system or furnace. This is great for cooling and heating in Jacksonville because it allows you to set different modes. You may want to have your indoor air temperature and humidity level at a one number in the evening yet another number in the morning. This is also a good way to save money on your heating or cooling while your home is vacant. Whether it’s the time kids are in school, you are at work or your whole family is on vacation.

There are also wifi enabled thermostats which are great because they let you control your indoor air quality, temperature and humidity levels from convenience of your fingertips. There are several app for iphones, androids as well as computers that allow you to control your HVAC system while away from home.



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