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Why is my AC flooding?

Why is my AC flooding?



Water coming from your AC? Have you recently noticed that your ac is leaking water?


Air conditioners can cause significant water damage to your home when they have a clogged drain line. We can help you clear the drain line and resolve the flooding problem immediate – Call (904) 513-3158.



Here are the most common causes your ac is flooding:

 1. Clogged drain line

Your air handle (the indoor unit of your air conditioner) is connected to a PVC condensation line that is responsible for draining out water from the primary drain pan located in your indoor unit right underneath the coil.

Over time, gunk, slime and debris will blind up in the drain line causing the pipe to clog up.


How to avoid drain line back-up:
– Pour one cup of vinegar or bleach down the drain line once a month (especially in the summer months) .

– Vacuum the pipe from the exterior outlet using a shop-vac at least twice a year. Shop-vacs can be purchase for less than $50 and come in handy all the time for other tasks around the house as well.


Here is a link to an inexpensive one at your local Lowe’s:

2. Bad float switch

Float switch is directly connected to your air handler and has the power to shut your unit off when it sense a high moister level or water in your drain line.


Testing your float switch is a good idea. You want to make sure that it is working properly.

Here are some common types of float switches ac companies use when installing new heating and air conditioning systems:


3. Dirty evaporator coils

Evaporator coil is located in your indoor unit. Depending on the type of air handler, fan coils or furnace you have, the coils can be aluminum or copper with fins around them. The flower fan motor is generally above the coil.

When dirt gets into the coil, it starts to fill up the spaces in-between the fins of the coil and creates a restriction. In that case, air is not able to get thru the coil and is compressed. As a result, the coil will freeze and ice up. The ice in your coil can result in a mild to severe flooding of your AC.


What should you do if you see ice on and water coming out of your AC?

Turn your AC off and call an air conditioning company immediately. An experienced technician will be able to deice your coil, and perform a pull and clean of the coil to get the debris out.

If you need fast and affordable service – give u a call at (904) 513-3158

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