Have you noticed that your air conditioner seems to be running louder than normal? Is the noise keeping you up at night or distracting you during the day? Below are a number of reasons why your air conditioning system may be so loud in your Jacksonville, FL home.

Common Reasons Why an Air Conditioner is Loud

It is first important to decipher what kind of noise your air conditioner is making. From there, we can narrow down what may be at fault with your current air conditioning system.

  • Banging– A loud bang or clank usually means that there is a loose part in an air conditioning system. Perhaps a rod or piston pin inside the air compressor came loose. The indoor blower’s blades may have become off balance & hitting other parts of the A/C system. If these small, fixable items are ignored, bigger issues can occur.
  • Clicking– Usually when you hear a click in your A/C system, it is the electrical components turning on and off. If this noise is constant or ongoing, there may be an issue with the thermostat. It is imperative to pay attention to electrical issues, so the unit does not shut down.
  • Buzzing– There are a number of items that could be the reason for a buzzing A/C unit. These can include debris in the unit, a dirty air filter or condenser coil, refrigerant leaks, and much, much more. If there is ever buzzing coming from an air conditioning system, it is best to get it checked by an HVAC professional right away.
  • Screaming– Screaming coming from any type of home appliance is never good. If your HVAC system is producing a high-pitched scream, turn the system off immediately. The next step is to call an HVAC professional, like Bold City Heating & Air, and have them come out to your home. This is most likely a refrigerant leak or high internal pressure within the unit.
  • Luckily for the residents of Jacksonville, Bold City Heating & Air offers a wide range of air conditioning maintenance and repairs to help assist with whatever noise is coming from an A/C system. To learn more about all of our air conditioning services, call us at (904) 966-4405.

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