Maintenance is both an extremely important and annoying part of owning a home. Most of the things we think about with our homes are cosmetic: dented siding, cutting the grass, cleaning the gutters. But that often leaves what is out of sight out of mind. Home is supposed to be comfortable—you don’t want to constantly think about your walls randomly falling or your floor falling out from under you. Just as important as your home’s structure, and just as invisible, is your airflow. Ducts are an important part of your home’s airflow, so if they’re not clean, you can have air quality issues. This can be even more essential if you have family members who have respiratory distress, such as asthma. Air duct cleaning is a simple way to keep your home’s airflow steady and healthy.

Experts advise that you hire a service for a professional quality air duct cleaning every two to three years, although this can vary from home to home depending on climate, number of residents, or the type of pets. But again, ducts are out of sight and out of mind. How do you know when you need to get your ducts serviced? What are some signs that you need to call someone for air duct cleaning in Jacksonville, FL?

How to Check if Your Air Ducts Need Cleaning

Dust is everywhere. And while you and your family live comfortably in your home, pet dander, dead skin, and hair collect and make their way into your airflow system. Just like your sink or shower drain, these can collect and create blockages. It’s important to check as best you can on your own to determine how often your environment needs air duct cleaning.

One of the simplest and most accessible methods is to check your air registers and your vent covers. You should find them all over your house very easily. If you open up your vents and notice any debris, dust buildups, or a lot of leftover dirt, there may be a problem. For your intakes, you may have an issue if you have a noticeable buildup of fuzzy dust or hair on the grate. Air duct cleaning is highly recommended if you are noticing a significant amount of either of these.

The next way to check if you may need air duct cleaning is to head to your indoor AC unit and slide out the filter. If your filter is clogged with debris, it needs to be changed immediately. A choked filter will restrict the airflow through your entire system. This can cause more dust and debris to build up throughout your home. Depending on how long it’s been since you changed your filter, it might also be a strong indicator that you should invest in air duct cleaning.

If you wish to check inside the AC unit itself, the panel comes off with a couple of screws. If you see signs of significant dust buildup or wear that appear out of the ordinary, it’s time to call a professional service for air duct cleaning very soon.

And of course, if you can see and smell the dust from your vents when your heating or cooling systems start up, or if you have uneven airflow around your home, that’s a very obvious sign that air duct cleaning is needed. Air duct cleaning in Jacksonville, FL is a very affordable and preventative way to maintain your home’s airflow system. Not doing so can create airflow blockages that can cause the system to run longer, cost more, and wear out faster. If you see any of the above signs, you should consider calling a professional as soon as possible. Contact us to schedule your air duct cleaning in Jacksonville, FL, and ask us about our specials going on now.

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