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At Bold City Heating & Air, our number one priority is customer satisfaction in everything we do. We want to ensure you are breathing easily and comfortably in your home or business, with clean, fresh air. During the summer heat, cooling is the most important thing in order to keep yourself comfortable and healthy, so whether you need to install a new air conditioner, heat pump, thermostat, or simply need to get your existing equipment serviced, our expert technicians are here to help.

Looking for A New Cooling Unit?

When it comes to air conditioning, you can either use a window AC unit or a building unit that sits outside and provides central air. If you are looking to install a new cooling unit, contact us today and we will set up an appointment to assess your home and determine the right size you need for the unit to be effective, while still energy efficient. We’ll provide you with honest recommendations and explain all the exciting options on the market for air conditioners so you can make the best choice for your home or business.

Service Your Cooling System

Do you already have an air conditioning system that was installed years ago, and you aren’t sure of the last time it was looked at by a professional? Give our experts a call and we will come out for service to check your system, do a thorough cleaning, and make recommendations for repairs or part replacements to get your system back up to 100% effectiveness and efficiency.

Cooling Repair for Existing Units

If your air conditioner is failing, then our technicians can come repair your system. We use high quality parts, and have technicians fully trained and certified in HVAC and cooling repair to ensure that the job is done right the first time.

Central air systems require the use of HVAC ducting, but over the years that ducting is going to get dirty, even if you have been using filters. If you don’t remember the last time your ducting has been cleaned out, give us a call and we will assess the current condition of your system, so that the next time you turn on your central air you aren’t kicking up dust particles and spreading them all around your home or business.

Heat Pump Solutions for Home Cooling

At Bold City Heating & Air, we also offer heat pump solutions. Heat pumps take outside air, run it through piping with refrigerant coolant, and then move the now cool air into your home. We offer installation, repair, and service for any heat pump cooling system, to ensure you have a cool summer.

Ductless HVAC Solutions

Are you looking for cooling, but don’t have a duct system installed in your home? Ductless HVAC systems are available. These room-by-room systems can help you regulate the temperature in your home or business without having to make major renovations, or compromise the architectural integrity of your space.

Home Cooling on a Room-By-Room Basis with VRF

VRF or Variable Refrigerant Flow systems are also available from Bold City. These are outdoor units that transfer refrigerant between multiple indoor units to ensure you have the right temperature for each of your rooms, or zones in your home. You can choose to only provide cooling to occupied rooms, or keep different rooms at different temperatures.

Easily Control Your Cooling System with Wi-Fi

Controlling your cooling system is important in order to keep everything to a level you’re comfortable with, and we can install the latest in Wi-Fi thermostat technology so you can remotely control your cooling. With this feature you can have your home set at the right temperature right when you walk in the door.

Regular System Maintenance

Whether Bold City Heating & Air installed your cooling system or not, our expert technicians can service or maintain it. If your system is due for a yearly inspection, give us a call today or set up an appointment for one of our trained professional technicians to come out and maintain your HVAC, A/C, or furnace system.

Contact Bold City Heating & Air For Your Cooling Needs

If you need to upgrade, install, or repair your cooling system, call the professionals at Bold City Heating & Air at (904) 513-3158 or simply schedule your appointment online through our easy booking system. Our team truly cares about customer satisfaction, and our technicians are here to help.

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