The only thing worse than not having an air conditioner is having one that doesn’t work. To avoid the cost of AC unit replacement and improve the performance of your AC, it needs some attention after its long winter nap.

Want to get your air conditioner up and running for summer? Here are a few AC maintenance tips to try out so you can avoid costly repairs or a full replacement.

Clean the Condenser Coil

Outdoor air conditioner units operate by sucking in air through condenser coils in the side and then pushing air through the top of the unit with a fan. The air outside may be “fresh,” but there is also a lot of dust and debris in the air. This gets pulled into your AC unit and builds upon your condenser coils. It is impossible to avoid dirt entirely, but your air conditioner will lose efficiency if you let the dirt and debris build-up.

Every homeowner should clean the condenser coils on their air conditioner at the start of every season. This can be done by using a hose to spray down the sides of the AC. You can clean from the outside, but it is best to open up the casing and clean the coils from the inside. This also allows you to check for animals that may have built nests in your air conditioner over the winter.

Do not use cleaning products or a pressure washer when cleaning your condenser coils. Soaps and detergents won’t help remove the build-up on your coils and may cause some corrosion. Condenser coils are quite thin, so they may bend from the power of a pressure washer. By keeping the parts of your AC unit in good condition, you can avoid the cost of an AC unit replacement and keep your current system running longer.

Check Your Capacitor

Is your air conditioner not turning on? One of the most common causes of ACs not operating is a dead capacitor. This is an essential electrical component found within the air conditioning unit.

If you have a voltmeter, you can check if your capacitor is dead. Simply open your outdoor AC unit’s side panel and look for a silver cylinder. Test the voltage, and if there is either no voltage or if the voltage is weaker than the rating listed on the capacitor, it probably needs to be replaced.

If you are confident in your skills, you can replace a capacitor yourself, but many people leave this to the professionals. A technician at Bold City Heating & Air can replace your capacitor quickly for an affordable price.

Reinsulate Freon Suction Line

Insulation covers one of the tubes going into your AC unit. This is the Freon suction line, and it is responsible for bringing the coolant from inside your house into your outdoor air conditioning unit.

The Freon suction line is covered in insulation to stop the gas from turning into a liquid, which reduces the strain on the AC’s capacitor. This insulation is not very durable and will break apart over time. Replacing this insulation when it becomes damaged is an easy way to extend the life of your capacitor.

Learn More About the Cost of AC Unit Replacement

Maintenance can only help you so much. If you want to learn about the cost of AC unit replacement, contact our team of professionals at Bold City Heating & Air. We can help you install the perfect air conditioner for an affordable price.

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