Have you been looking into purchasing a gas furnace or electric furnace in Jacksonville Beach, FL? Look no further than the team at Bold City Heating & Air! Having trouble deciding what’s best? The way an electric furnace system works is by pulling air into the system and through what is called a heat exchanger. Once the air is in the heat exchanger, the system will begin to warm up the air. The air is moved by being pushed by a blower into your home’s ductwork. From there the warm air is dispersed into the various rooms of your house. Electric furnaces tend to be quieter, more durable. An electric furnace can last anywhere from 20 to 30 years, when compared to gas furnaces (10-20).

The way a gas furnace works is that natural gas or propane catches fire in the burner. Next, the flames inflame the system’s metal heat exchanger and its exhaust is expelled. Now the heat exchanger moves the heat into the cold air. Then the system blower pushes warm air into the ductwork and into each room of your house. Gas furnaces use less energy by far to warm up your home as an electric furnace would, and they can even heat up the home faster. So if your current furnace is giving you consistent problems, increasing your energy bill, or already broken down, you may want to consider a new gas or electric furnace!