Do you have an attic with old insulation that needs to be removed? Then you need to get rid of it properly. Below, we outline the best way to remove blown-in insulation, why you may need to get professionals to help, and who to call when you need blown-in insulation in Jacksonville, FL.

A Quick Note on Blown-In Insulation

Before you remove any blown-in insulation in Jacksonville, FL, you have to make sure that it doesn’t contain asbestos. This compound was used frequently into the 80s in residential homes as an insulator, especially with blown-in insulation.

If you suspect your home contains asbestos, you should contact professionals for asbestos removal services. The product has been linked to lung cancer and other serious health complications that can affect the cardiovascular system.

How to Remove Blown-In Insulation from an Attic

If you are absolutely certain that your insulation does not contain asbestos, then you can start the process of removing it, or call the professionals at Bold City Heating & Air. If you prefer to remove it yourself, start by assessing the situation. How much blown-in insulation do you have? Where is it located? Can you safely work in the areas where insulation needs to be removed? Once you have considered all of these questions, it’s time to prep the space.

Start prepping by closing doors and openings that lead to your living or workspace. Then, if required, reinforce any floorboards that may need it with planks and joists. After that, get your tarps and trash bags ready for the job. Tarps are needed to keep the insulation contained. Trash bags are perfect for taking the unwanted insulation out to the curb.

Once the space is prepped, safe, and you have everything you need, suit up in your safety gear. You’ll need gloves, goggles, and a mask to protect yourself from inhaling the substances.

The next step is to grab your shop-vac and get to vacuuming. Start at the back of your attic and methodically work your way forward. Make sure you grab every bit of insulation that you see. You will want to do this at a quick speed while still ensuring that you’re thorough. That way, the insulation can get removed more completely without getting kicked up into the air as much.

Once you have completely vacuumed up all the insulation and put it into the trash bags, it’s time to clean up the space. If you’re looking for a simple, hassle-free solution to remove or replace blown-in insulation, call Bold City Heating & Air for blown-in insulation in Jacksonville, FL!

Who to Call for Blown-in Insulation in Jacksonville, FL

Bold City Heating & Air was founded on a simple principle: the people of Jacksonville should have access to professional and reasonably priced services and equipment for keeping their properties at the right temperature. We have helped residents and commercial establishments alike improve their heating and cooling systems and install important, cost-saving enhancements, like blown-in insulation.

If you are on the hunt for blown-in insulation in Jacksonville, FL, then contact us today. We can work with you to ensure the job is done right, on time, and at an affordable price that may surprise you.

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