Ever find yourself breezing through your air filters faster than anticipated? If it feels like there’s more and more dirt just about every time you look back and blink, then it may be time to reassess both your unit and your strategy for keeping the air in your home clean. In fact, here are three of the most common reasons you may be struggling to keep your air filter clean for a given length of time:

  1. You have leaky air ducts Your ductwork is one of your first lines of defense against dirt and dust. But, if it’s leaking, you’ll start to notice a steady and regular accumulation of grime on your filter. Why? Because defective ducts actually pull dirt in from areas that are unconditioned in your home, like an attic or crawlspace, making it difficult for your filter to stay clean or function optimally.
  2. Your thermostat fan is always left in the “ON” position It’s a common misconception that leaving your A/C fan switched to the “ON” position keeps your unit functioning efficiently. Of course, this is problematic because you’re not only burning more energy (thereby increasing your energy bill) by leaving it running, but you’re actually keeping a steady stream of air flowing over your filter… nonstop. Therefore, you’ll actually want to keep your system fixed to the “AUTO” setting, which will both save you money and ensure that your HVAC unit only runs when necessary. In effect, less grime will build up because your air filter won’t be catching contaminants constantly.
  3. You have continual visitors and continual dirt The more people that cross the threshold into your home, the more dirt is being dragged in right along with them. Especially if they’re visiting with their furry loved ones, you never know what dust, dirt, dander, or fur may be floating around in the air! Try asking guests to leave their shoes at the door or take the time to learn more about what you can do to maintain healthy indoor air quality.
  4. Whether you’re looking to buy a new filter, have routine maintenance performed on your HVAC unit, or you just want a proper inspection from a local company you can trust, be sure to call Bold City Heating and Air today! With quality workmanship and guaranteed satisfaction, we promise you’ll experience the bold difference!

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