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Protect your air conditioner during hurricanes in Jacksonville and Jacksonville Beach

Evacuating Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach,Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach or Ponte Vedra during hurricane Irma? Here is what you need to know:

First,  turn your breaker OFF (especially if you don’t have a surge protector):

  1. Find your electrical panel box
  2. On the panel door – look at the label
  3. Find the breaker labeled for one of these: Compressor, AC, Condenser
  4. Find the breaker labeled for one of these: heat, air handler, a/h, furnace
  5. Flip the breakers to OFF position – all the way
  6. Set your thermostat to OFF 

Without a protector, a low voltage surge can cause permanent damage. Therefore, it is important to check and take preventive measures.


Jacksonville A/C compressor protection
Surge Protector for ac compressor

Secondly, ensure that you have hurricane straps on your condenser. These will ensure that high wind speeds will not tip your outdoor air conditioning unit. It is also recommended to have your condenser elevated off the ground by at least 4 inches.

Finally, after the storm:

Make sure that your system is safe to use and in good working order.

Here are some things to look for when you do a visual inspection of your air conditioner:

  1. Was your air conditioning / condenser or compressor under water?
  2. Are your refrigerant lines intact? Is there a sign of damage – bends, kinks, etc.
  3. Is there any physical damage on your condenser – did an object fall on it?
  4. Look inside the condenser: is there any debris by the compressor or fan motor?
  5. Is there any evidence of an electrical fire? Burned/blackened wires?

If there everything seems in working order – turn your system on. However, we highly recommend getting it checked out by a certified air conditioning contractor before you do.

Before you turn your A/C back on, call us to schedule a HVAC inspection & tune-up. 

We have a $49.00 special – call (904) 513-3158 to schedule.

In addition, it is also recommended to have your air ducts cleaned after a storm where your did not have power and/or ran you AC for longer periods. Mold, mildew and other contaminants can developed in your duct systems.


Duct cleaning specialist using Rotobrush
Duct cleaning experts in Jacksonville, Florida.


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