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Air Conditioner Repair Tips That Will Prolong the Life of Your AC Unit

Summer’s here! That means temperatures are getting hotter every day.

Staying cool during the heat of the summer months can be a nightmare when your AC isn’t working properly. In fact, it doesn’t take long to get downright miserable inside the house. Fortunately, there are plenty of AC maintenance service tips that can help prolong the life of your AC, saving you money while keeping your family cool while it’s hot outside.

This article takes a look at some basic HVAC maintenance tips that can make all the difference. Keep reading to read our AC maintenance checklist for homeowners.

Change Your Air Filter Regularly

Believe it or not, simply changing your HVAC air filter is the cheapest, easiest, and most effective way of reducing the need for air conditioner service. After all, a dirty air filter makes it more difficult for your HVAC unit to function properly.

Fortunately, changing your air filter takes less than a minute and you can purchase new ones at any local hardware store.

Keep Your Thermostat at a Reasonable Temperature

One of the best ways to reduce the need for air conditioner replacement and lower monthly energy costs is to set your thermostat at an energy-efficient temperature and then leave it alone. That’s because changing the temperature causes unneeded wear and tear on an HVAC unit.

Clear Away Debris

When it comes to keeping your outdoor HVAC unit running smoothly, it’s important to keep it free of debris. For example, it’s very common for leaves, branches, and other types of debris to collect on and around the unit throughout the year.

Keep in mind that debris can damage the fan and restrict proper airflow.

Have Your Air Ducts Professionally Cleaned

Dirty air ducts reduce proper airflow and cause dust and dirty air to circulate throughout your home. Hiring an HVAC service to clean your air ducts is the best way to reduce the problem.

Pay Attention to Strange Sounds and Smells

Does your AC unit make strange sounds that don’t seem normal? Or does it smell a bit strange? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you’d be wise to schedule a service appointment as soon as possible.

Have Your HVAC Serviced Annually

The best strategy for keeping your HVAC unit running properly for as long as possible is to have it serviced at least once a year. Air conditioner installation and service professionals are trained to provide preventative HVAC maintenance, make sure the unit is clean, and spot potential problems that could lead to expensive AC repairs.

A Homeowner’s Guide to AC Maintenance Service

When things heat up outside, it’s crucial to make sure that you and your family remain comfortable inside. Fortunately, this guide to AC maintenance services will help ensure that the interior of your home stays cool throughout the year.

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