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Air Conditioner Repair: What You Need to Know

Coming home to a hot house and trying to sleep in a heatwave can leave you feeling exhausted if your AC isn’t keeping you cool. Air conditioners can save your physical and emotional health and keep everyone in a better mood. With an air conditioner you can sleep better, have more energy and if you are cool and relaxed, this will benefit everyone. But what happens when you turn on the air conditioner and there is no cold air? Don’t get overheated! Bold City Heating and Air does high quality air conditioner repairs at an affordable price. Here are some things you need to know about repairing your air conditioner:

First, the Basics of an Air Conditioner

In simple terms, an air conditioner moves the heat from inside your house to outside your house. They blow air that is run over cold pipes attached to a coil. These pipes are filled with refrigerant. The refrigerant changes from a liquid to a gas when it pulls the heat from the air. This air is then pulled out of the house and to another coil that changes the gas back into a liquid to help cool the home.

AC Recharge

One of the biggest reasons that you may need air conditioner repairs is that the air conditioner needs a recharge. If there is not enough refrigerant in the system, it may begin to lose power and the air that is being blown out is not cold because the pipes that the air blows across are not cold.

Leaky Ducts Can Cause You to Need Air Conditioner Repairs

A leaky duct can cause an AC unit to lose up to 40% of its energy. This can increase your power bill and cause the AC not to function properly. Inside and outside ducts need to be connected properly and insulated to ensure that the cold air is not escaping.

Dirty Coils

Ac units have coils both inside and outside your house and these tiny coils have a huge impact on the cool air blowing into your home. After awhile, these coils may need to be cleaned. You cannot clean them manually on your own, but the experts at Bold City Heating & Air have air conditioner repair professionals that can clean these coils and get your system running at full capacity again.

Blocked Condensers

The condenser is the part of the AC unit that is outside of the house. If the condenser is blocked then it will not pull the hot air outside of your house, and the warm air will continue to cycle through the home. The condenser needs to have about one foot of clearance on all sides with no interference such as trees or bushes.

Schedule Your Air Conditioner Repairs With Bold City Heating & Air

Don’t put off having your air conditioner fixed. We offer quick service with a reliable team of professionals. We focus on repairing your AC unit and not trying to convince you to buy new AC units unless needed or requested. Our certified teams are happy to help with maintenance and repairs.

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