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Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance Tips


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Today we would like to cover a couple of maintenance ideas that may help you save some money and increase the operating efficiency of your indoor comfort system. Here in Florida, with our extreme heat and humidity, it is very important to keep your system maintained so your family can enjoy all the benefits of a properly operating system.

First and foremost is a clean filter. A filter can only do the job it was engineered to perform if it’s clean and provides an unrestricted flow of air. In the summer months starting in May (this month), we recommend you change your filter monthly. In the winter months you can change it every other month. I know, the ad’s claim you can get away we changing the filter every three months – and you can. However, we recommend monthly in the summer because your system is under tremendous stress here in Florida during these months and changing the filter is an inexpensive way to maintain your system.


What about a filter reminder? We are working on a system to help you remember to change your filter on a schedule. This will be forthcoming and we think a great way for you to forget about the filter change-out until it’s required. Again, routine would be the key here. This way your system is providing the comfort your family requires.


Another area you may want to review is your thermostat. This is a very important part of the indoor comfort system that is often overlooked. Your thermostat can also restrict the most efficient operation of your system. The technologies available today with new wireless systems make it very easy for you to take CONTROL of your system while you are home or away. Many of the better thermostats are controlled by a smartphone app which is both convenient and efficient.


The last item we would like to discuss today is your duct system. Your duct system distributes the conditioned air to the various rooms of your house. As such, any leaks are detrimental to a properly functioning system. Air conditioning the attic is probably not a really good thing. Some of the issues affecting the performance of your duct system are visible, and some are not. It’s probably a good idea to call in a professional on this one.


Just to give a quick summary, you may want to schedule an appointment with your indoor comfort professional to review and discuss thermostat options and to inspect your duct system. These would be two items that could greatly impact the efficient and convenient operation of your system.


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