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ON vs. AUTO : Air Conditioning Thermostats: Settings and which thermostat is best for you.

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Digital is the way to go!
If you do not have a digital thermostat – you should really consider investing in one. Digital thermostats are more accurate, allow you to customize your indoor air quality and will save you money on your electric bill. There are several inexpensive model to choose from in today’s market with Honeywell and Nest being one of the leading manufacturer’s.

Save Money by going DIGITAL! 

Programmable VS. Non-Programmable
While every digital air conditioning thermostat allows you to control your heat pump system or furnace, a programmable air conditioning thermostat also allows you to set a indoor air temperature for particular times of the day, days of the week and months of the year.


As shown in the image above, this particular Honeywell PRO6000 Vision allows you to set your weekly temperature and air conditioning operation schedule. Simply, yet makes a big difference.

Filter Replacement Reminder
Thermostats such as the Honeywell PRO8000 also have a feature to set a reminder when it is time to replace your filter. Depending on the filtration system you have in your home, and whether you change your filter monthly, quarterly or semi-annually,

Another benefit of the PRO8000: Humidity Control
Often times, the temperature is right but it feels sticky in the home. That’s a sign of high humidity. Advance thermostats such as the Honeywell Touchscreen series allow you to not only control the temperature in your home but also the humidity levels. This insures all year comfort for you and your family.

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