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How Duct Cleaning Along with IAQ Products Can Help with Headaches, Dust, Etc.

Have you found yourself especially bothered with sneezing and headaches around the allergy seasons? Have these seasons gotten longer each year that you have lived in your home? Indoor air quality (IAQ) is a huge factor when it comes to allergens, pollen, dust, etc., travelling around your home, and the way they do that travelling. Your duct systems air duct cleaning in Jacksonville, FL is an important service you should be taking advantage of from Bold City Heating & Air, in order to better protect you and improve the IAQ in your home every day of the year.

Dealing with Dust and Dirt

Most people regularly go around their home and sweep the floors, mop up, and dust their knickknacks, so why would you treat your AC system any differently? If you are still getting affected by dust and dirt in the air, even after cleaning, the main culprit may be your duct system. As your HVAC system circulates air, dust and dirt can get into your ducting system, even through air filters. This dust and dirt will settle, but when systems are turned on, bits and pieces get blown around the home. Dust and dirt will especially kick up the first time the HVAC system is turned on after being dormant for a while, like at the beginning of a warmer season. Air duct cleaning in Jacksonville, FL will significantly improve your indoor air quality.

Removing Mold and Allergens

A huge culprit to low IAQ is mold and allergens, and these are often serious enough to affect your health, whether it’s from sneezing, getting headaches, or even having trouble breathing. Mold can build up in ducting if air filters aren’t kept clean, replaced when needed, or if there is a lot of moisture in the air where you live. Air duct cleaning in Jacksonville, FL can give a clean bill of health to your ducting, and to further supplement that you can also consider getting air purifier units for your most used rooms, to further boost IAQ.

Pests and Dander

Pests can easily get into the duct work inside your home. If a mouse, or other critter gets into your home, they may escape your clutches by going down a vent, which can lead to them leaving droppings in your vents. In addition, if you have a cat or dog, their dander can also get into the vents. When you get your air duct cleaning in Jacksonville, FL after dealing with a pest problem, you can be sure the pest problem won’t continue to affect your IAQ and your health.

Air Duct Cleaning in Jacksonville, FL

If you aren’t sure when the last time your air ducts were cleaned, or you are having trouble with your indoor air quality, contact Bold City Heating & Air today for air duct cleaning in Jacksonville, FL. Our team of professionals will help improve your home’s IAQ and clean out your air ducts in no time flat!

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