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How to Save Money with Regular AC Maintenance

Your air conditioning system can turn your sweltering collection of rooms into a happy, comfortable home. Air conditioning can be a lifesaver during heat waves, or just an everyday best friend if you live in warmer climates, so it’s very important to know how to take care of this critical piece of your environment. Proper AC maintenance in Jacksonville, FL can keep your system running well, for longer. Unexpected repairs can be costly, so here are some ways to keep those repair costs down.

Keep the Heat Out

One of the biggest determiners of the effectiveness, and cost, of your regular AC maintenance is the wear and tear your AC system goes through by running all the time. To prevent your AC from working overtime, do simple things to reduce the amount of heat getting into your home. This can include drawing your blinds when not home and keeping windows closed. A properly insulated home will also prevent excessive heat from getting in and help keep the cool air from escaping, reducing the load on the AC unit.

Thermostat Programming

Everyone’s comfortable at different temperatures but programming your thermostat can work to reduce your energy bill, as well as wear on your AC system.

Try programming your thermostat to a slightly higher temperature when everyone’s at work or school during the day. This prevents your system from working too hard during the hottest times of the day to nobody’s benefit! Over-taxing an AC can reduce its lifespan and require it to undergo more regular maintenance or even replacement. Conserve power where you can.

Do It Yourself!

Obviously, don’t expect to do your AC maintenance by yourself! Trained technicians are the best choice for any AC maintenance or repair, as amateur servicing may void warranty policies. There are, however, very simple things you can do to keep your AC running smoothly in between your regular AC maintenance appointments.

1. Check your vents! Especially in a home with pets, vents can collect dust, hair, and debris. Be sure to check all your blowing vents as well as your air intake vents and remove any obvious debris or obstructions.

2. Change your air filter! A clogged filter reduces airflow and efficiency. Replace or clean filters at regular intervals.

Unit Replacement

It’s important to listen to your technician and review your owner’s manual. Replace your unit when it’s at the end of its life. AC maintenance in Jacksonville, FL will keep your AC running as long as it can, but at a certain point, you’ll save energy costs by replacing your old unit with a new and more efficient one.

Proper AC Maintenance

This brings us to the final point; at the end of the day, there is no substitute for proper and professional AC maintenance in Jacksonville, FL. Scheduling your servicing is easy and you can often book well in advance. It’s important to get your AC system services at the start of the warm seasons to ensure that it’s running efficiently and properly! Keep your money in your pocket by keeping up a regular AC maintenance schedule throughout the warmer seasons!

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