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Six Tips to Minimize Air Conditioner Repairs

When you hit those summer months, nothing can be more relaxing and soothing than propping up in front of an air conditioner when it’s gotten too hot, but what happens when your air conditioner breaks down? Sometimes it can take days for someone to come out to fix it depending on where you are, and not everybody has access to quick services offered by a company like Bold City Heating & Air. To minimize the chance of a summer breakdown, the following are six tips you should follow to minimize your need for air conditioner repairs.

Vents or Ducts

In many homes the exhaust vents for appliances come out of the home near each other. Oftentimes this doesn’t cause an issue, but if your dryer vent exhaust is angled improperly it can slowly push lint into your air conditioner’s exhaust vent. Lint that reaches an air conditioner can cause serious issues, and costly repairs, so keep the dryer exhaust angled away, and free of lint.


Remember to change your air filters once a month. The filters for air conditioners prevent dust and animal hairs or other large particles from getting into the system and clogging it. The more build-up there is on an air conditioner filter, the harder it has to run to get the same airflow. This additional strain on the motor causes your AC unit to run less efficiently, and uses more electricity leading to extra costs.

Exterior Debris

The AC coils and fins on the outside of the unit are very important, as they help with the dissipation of heat and improve the efficiency of the cooling. Any buildup of leaves or other debris can make them work far less efficiently, or even damage them, adding strain to the AC motors as it must run for longer periods to get the same effect. Check weekly, or after storms for debris. If there is debris near the external connections for your AC unit you can brush it away with a broom, or hose it down with a garden hose to keep the area clean.

Check for Drafts

Excess airflow in the home, especially at windows or doors, can let in more warm air in the summer or cold air in the winter, and force your air conditioner or furnace to have to work harder in order to keep cooling or heating your home. Check your window and door seals and ensure they are still weathertight, and replace any weather stripping that is older than five years. These simpe replacements can help prevent expensive air conditioner repairs.

Internal Build-Up

When your AC unit is on the fritz and can’t get enough air flow it can cause ice to start forming in the pipes, coils or the cooling unit. This ice build up can cause damage. Replace your filters and allow the ice to thaw. If ice continues to build up regularly, or the unit continues to fail to put out enough cool air, it may be time for air conditioner repairs from Bold City Heating & Air.

Set a Schedule

Controlling your thermostat is actually a great way to reduce the strain on your air conditioner during the summer. Adding a schedule offers a beneficial setting to help you save on AC usage. You can set your thermostat to stop cooling as much when you aren’t home, or set different temperatures for the middle of the night. Using a smart thermostat to control your AC during the off-hours can reduce the amount of work it does and lengthen its life cycle.

If you are looking for air conditioner repairs in Jacksonville before the big summer heat waves hit, or need quick and affordable repairs during the summer, contact Bold City Heating & Air for all your air conditioner repairs needs.

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