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What are the Different Types of Commercial Air Conditioning Systems?

Many people think that there’s one way to cool a commercial space: with an air conditioner. The truth is that commercial air conditioning, and any commercial air conditioning service in Jacksonville, FL, is much more robust.

If you own a commercial space in the area, then chances are you have one of the following systems. Here are a few things to know about the different commercial cooling systems available, and who to call if you need help with servicing or installing them.

Systems for Commercial Buildings

Single-Split System

One of the more straightforward systems for air conditioning is the single-split system. Ideal for cozy spaces like boutiques, cafes, and small offices, this system is meant to be scalable. Every air conditioning unit in single-split systems has a corresponding exterior unit, which means you can add additional cooling capacity in a one-to-one ratio as you expand.

Multi-Split System

Where a single-split system has a one-to-one ratio for indoor and exterior units, most multi-split systems connect to a single exterior unit. You often find these systems in larger offices and professional spaces, like doctor’s offices and big retail shops. This is because they can effectively circulate air and keep a space cool where having multiple exterior points doesn’t make sense.

VRF or VRV System

A variable refrigerant flow (VRF) or variable refrigerant volume (VRV) system uses heat pumps that contain refrigerant in cooling and heating lines. Usually, multiple evaporators connect to a single condensing unit for more efficiency. These systems can also handle simultaneous heating and cooling and more precise temperature control for environments that need it.

Systems for Warehouses

Generally, warehouses will use multiple systems because of the size of the space and multiple use case rooms contained within. Setting up an effective warehouse system requires professional input, but here are some of the major components found in effective air conditioning systems in Jacksonville.

Big ceiling fans: Put away your residential fans. When we say big, we mean blades that are over 20 ft long. These high volume/low speed (HVLS) fans can cut temperatures by 20 degrees or more.

Industrial box fans: Think of these as the portable version of the big ceiling fans. These giant fans can be placed in key spaces to increase airflow and lower temperatures.

Evaporative coolers: This solution combines a box fan with a highly refined misting system for economical, cool comfort.

Your Choice for a Commercial Air Conditioning Service in Jacksonville, FL

If you are on the hunt for installation and commercial air conditioning service in Jacksonville, FL, then look no further than Bold City Heating & Air. Our company is dedicated to helping business owners in Florida find cost effective and efficient cooling and heating systems for their businesses.

Whether you are a small store looking for a reliable single-split system or a major warehouse in need of evaporative coolers, we have the knowledge and experience to get you the right system, and get it installed correctly. Contact us today to start talking about what we can do to revolutionize your HVAC systems.

Bold City Heating & Air is also here for professional commercial air conditioning service in Jacksonville, FL. If you have an existing system that needs regular maintenance checks, we can set up an easy and affordable routine to ensure your system is working its absolute best every day.

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