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What to Look for When Choosing an AC Repairman

In any home utilizing an AC unit, there are bound to be times when the system breaks down. Over time, even the best-maintained system will undergo wear, causing some parts to require repair or replacement. In these times, it’s important to know what to look for in an AC repairman, to ensure you get the best repair job possible.

An Experienced AC Repairman

When looking for a repairman, their experience and credentials can tell you a lot about how well they can complete the work required. An inexperienced AC repairman may miss important details while maintaining your machine that could lead to even more, costlier repairs in the future.

Here at Bold City Heating & Air, we hire only trained, certified, and experienced technicians to work on your AC units. Our technicians have received factory training from some of the top AC manufacturers. This ensures they know all the ins and outs of AC units and are sure to catch every detail.

Quality and Efficient Work

Experience leads the way to quality work. Repairs wouldn’t be worth the cost if they didn’t hold up under the use of an AC unit. A quality repair can last for years, even under regular use. To ensure your satisfaction with your AC servicing, we provide a full guarantee and a 1-year warranty on any repairs.

In every AC repairman, quality is put in balance with efficiency. In your day-to-day life, it may be difficult to find the time required for an AC repairman to come to your home. We understand how busy life can be and will work to fit into your schedule. While we take care not to sacrifice quality for a quick repair, the experience of our repairmen can reduce the time required for servicing, allowing you to continue with your schedule as quickly as possible.

Fair Pricing

In many servicing jobs, it seems that a technician finds an increasing number of required repairs as the job goes on. Not only does this increase the time of the service, but also drives up the cost. Other complications, such as new parts, can also raise the cost of repair above what you expected.

We are committed to ensuring you receive fair and accurate pricing before an AC repairman begins to work on your AC unit. Before starting a job, our technicians will evaluate your AC system and provide you with a flat rate, rather than an estimate. This guarantees that there will be no unexpected costs at the end of the repairs.

AC units are an integral part of many homes, especially in the hot, humid climate of Florida. Choosing the right AC repairman shouldn’t be a difficult task. We are committed to providing quality, efficient and friendly service to all our customers. Our goal is to make your life easier with fair pricing and clean repairs that quickly allow you to continue with your busy life. Repairs done by one of our technicians are sure to keep your AC machine running in top form.

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