No matter where you live, there is a need for a heating and cooling system. Residing in Jacksonville, you may rely on using your heater less (except during chilly January!), but your use of the cooling system may be out of this world. Your home heating, venting, and air conditioning (HVAC) unit may not last forever, but there are some things that can help increase the life of your system. You may be wondering, “who does heat and cooling repair near me, and how can they help me?”

Scheduled services: call for heat and cooling repair near me

We often do things in pairs: we test our smoke detectors twice a year, we often shop for clothes twice a year (back to school and spring-cleaning time). Scheduling maintenance for your HVAC system should also be done bi-annually. Some places that complete heating and cooling repairs have discount maintenance programs, like our Bold Club, a preferred customer program. Signing up for these programs can provide peace of mind as well as cost savings.

By doing scheduled maintenance twice a year, you lessen the chances of your system breaking down when you need it the most. This maintenance will also increase the life of your HVAC system. By ensuring the cleaning and repairs are completed, you will cause less stress on the system, and keeping it running smoother overall means less wear and tear on the HVAC components that will need to be repaired in the future.

Clean or change those filters

When technicians complete the cleaning and repairs of your heating and cooling system, one thing that they will do is change the filters. This means that, twice a year, your filters will be cleaned or changed, but that is not enough. Check the filters that you purchase. Some homes will use thirty-day fiberglass filters and others may use a three-month style filter, or even six-month filters for lager units. These should be checked regularly, and if they are dirty, they need to be replaced, even if it’s ahead of schedule.

Dirty filters will cause additional stress on the HVAC system, and this can lead to major repairs or issues that could have easily been avoided and, in turn, will decrease the life of your system. A breakdown can have you searching for heat and cooling repair near me in a time of an emergency, not just for scheduled services.

Use a smart or WIFI thermostat

Your search for “heat and cooling repair near me” may also turn up companies who can install new thermostats. By having better control of your thermostat, you can save energy by setting the system to react when you are home. This will help you save money on power, and by using your HVAC system less, you will increase the life of your system. Bold City Heating & Air recommends and can help install a Wi-Fi thermostat in your home for maximum efficiency and control. Using these thermostats allows you to come home to a comfortable house while you are using less power during the day. This technology is also beneficial when you are on holidays or away for long periods of time. It will help prevent pipes from freezing in the winter or heat damage in the summer.

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