Have you been having trouble with your air conditioning lately? Does it randomly stop working or is it blowing hot air instead of cold? Do you find the air is more humid than it was before? It’s already a challenge beating the heat in Jacksonville, you don’t need your air conditioning to stop working effectively. Maybe the quality has gone down over time, or you suddenly started noticing issues. This could mean it’s time to think about air conditioning replacement. It can seem daunting to think about the time, work, and cost of AC unit replacement. Bold City Heating & Air is here to help make it quick, easy, and efficient. Here are some other great reasons to have your air conditioning replaced today.

Save Money

The cost of AC unit replacement may have been the first thing to come up when you realized that you may need air conditioning replacement. Did you know that replacing your ac unit can help reduce costs? One of the reasons why the cost of AC unit replacement will help you save money is that our air conditioning units are energy efficient. At Bold City Heating & Air, our units are designed to produce more high-quality air while using less energy. This means that you will be paying less on your monthly power bill. Who doesn’t like lower monthly bills?


We’re more than familiar with how hot and humid it can get outside. That doesn’t mean you can’t be comfortable inside. Another great benefit of air conditioning replacement is comfort! The cost of AC unit replacement will bring you long-lasting comfort in your home or building. You will no longer have to worry about waking up sweating in the middle of the night or trying to keep your home cool on the hottest of days. You will be able to relax knowing that, if ever you need it, you can simply turn on your air conditioner and feel comfortable anytime. You also won’t have to deal with the noise that an in-house unit produces. We install quiet air conditioning. No more rumbling noises. You will get to benefit from a cool, comfortable, and relaxing environment.

Air Quality

You may not be aware of how the air quality in your home is affecting you. With the cost of AC unit replacement, you get peace of mind knowing that the air you breathe is healthy. The air in your home will be clean and easy to breathe. You may be someone who enjoys the heat, but there are always those days that are a little too hot and humid. A Bold City Heating & Air conditioning unit will also lower the amount of humidity in the air, which means even more relief for you. Let us help you make sure you are prepared for the next heatwave!

Many benefits make the cost of AC unit replacement worth it. Replacing and updating your air conditioning unit will help improve the atmosphere and living conditions in your home. You will not only be more comfortable but healthier, too. It will also help save you money on your monthly bills. We’ll even give you $500 cash on the trade-in of your old AC unit when we replace your new one. Contact us and let our fast and reliable experts help you improve the air in your home.

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