If you have an AC unit, you might be unsure about how often you need to have an AC maintenance service in Jacksonville, FL. There are a lot of things to consider, such as the frequency of maintenance, your unique unit, the surrounding environment, and warning signs such as warm airflow or humidity. Let’s dive into the top ways you can tell if you need AC repair or maintenance services.

Spring Cleaning Time

When you’re spring cleaning the rest of your home, it’s probably time to do some spring maintenance on your air conditioner. Most modern air conditioners need general maintenance annually, and spring cleaning is the perfect time for you to hire a company to perform AC maintenance service in Jacksonville, FL. Work it into your yearly routine; that way, you don’t end up forgetting and neglecting the equipment. Regular maintenance means your AC unit will last you longer and work better to save you from heat exhaustion and expensive cooling bills.

For Older or Constantly Used Equipment

Spring cleaning might not happen often enough for older equipment or for units that you run constantly all year. The more an AC unit has been used and the older the model, the more often it’s going to need maintenance. The best way to determine what your AC unit needs specifically is to contact a company for AC maintenance service in Jacksonville, FL who can take your circumstances into account and provide you with expert advice.

You Notice Environmental Damages

Depending on where your home is, you might notice some environmental damages to your AC unit, which is a key warning sign to look out for. If for example, you live near the beach, sand particles could get into your AC unit and diminish the air quality or flow, which means you’ll need maintenance more often to ensure your unit is doing its job. Keep an eye out and schedule AC maintenance service in Jacksonville, FL if you suspect any issues.

There’s Warm Air Flow

If you notice warm airflow coming from your AC unit, you need the help of an AC maintenance service in Jacksonville, FL. Air conditioners clearly shouldn’t be spouting warm air; this could signal there’s a problem with the machine that needs to be addressed. Always try to catch these things early and get professional help quickly in case there is any ongoing damage.

It’s Humid Indoors

Air conditioners should automatically cool the atmosphere in your home and get rid of excess moisture, so if you notice humidity in your home, that means something isn’t working properly. Sometimes these issues are pretty small, like when it needs just a quick recalibration, but sometimes they might require more serious repairs or replacements. An AC maintenance service in Jacksonville, FL will be able to assess the situation properly and help you fix the problem.

Overall, there are a variety of reasons that depend on your situation and AC unit to consider hiring a company for AC maintenance service in Jacksonville, FL. You should maintain regular maintenance, which will depend on your unit specifically, and also stay vigilant for warning signs, such as warm airflow or humidity. Bold City Heating & Air is currency running a $39 A/C Tune-Up Special. Contact us today and take advantage of this limited-time offer!

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