Insulation is a very important part of your home. It is necessary to make any home livable. Without insulation, homes would be far too hot in the summer, and way too cold in the winter to be comfortable to live in. Insulation can last many years, often decades, but what happens when that insulation gets damaged by rodents, water, or other issues? Blown-in insulation in Jacksonville, FL is a popular method for insulating attics, but when it starts to wear down, for whatever reason, you should be considering removing it and getting new insulation installed.

Why Remove Your Blown-in Insulation?

There are several reasons to remove blown-in insulation once it has started to get damaged, and due to the nature of it, you should also be considering using a professional service like Bold City Heating & Air to remove your blown-in insulation in Jacksonville, FL.

Once the insulation is no longer at its prime, it’s going to start to cause your energy bills to rise. When damaged, insulation no longer insulates your home from the external temperature fluctuations in both the summer and winter, so you will need to be using more electricity or gas to cool and heat your home. Removal and replacement will end up costing you less over time.

Damaged insulation is commonplace for rodents to burrow, make their nests, and leave their droppings. This can lead to a lot of issues in your home, from damage to the building or your personal belongings to health issues that can be caused by animal feces and urine.

Removing damaged insulation is also important for addressing places where mold and mildew have built up. Insulation damaged by water can act as a petri dish for mold and mildew, and the smells and spores released can get into your HVAC system and spread around the home, causing health issues and spreading mold.

When Should Your Blown-In Insulation in Jacksonville, FL be Removed?

There are many signs that you’re blown-in insulation should be removed from your home. If you are starting to notice drafts more often on your upper floors, you should take a peek at your attic to check on your insulation. When checking your insulation, look for signs of damage, or other signs removal is needed. Bare spots leave places for temperature fluctuations to make their way through. Moldy spots mean that water damage has likely already happened, and your blown-in insulation should be removed to ensure full removal of the mold. The presence of droppings or nesting materials means rodents have likely infiltrated your attic. Rodent removal services should be called to remove the rodents and make sure they won’t return, then your insulation should be removed and replaced. Discoloration of insulation can happen when it starts getting too old, or when it has been damaged by water. If the insulation looks dusty and no longer pink or white like fresh insulation, consider removal.

Calling in the Professionals

While you could remove blown-in insulation on your own, the cost of getting the special vacuum equipment could be prohibitive, so for blown-in insulation in Jacksonville, FL contact Bold City Heating & Air today.

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