Florida winters may not be quite as brutal as in other states, but especially here in Northeast Florida, we can’t disregard the season as irrelevant… especially as it pertains to our homes. In fact, your HVAC system should have routine maintenance performed before the coldest of the Florida weather sets in, and you should also check on certain aspects of your unit on your own whenever possible. So, what specifically are you looking at?

  1. Check on your air filter If your air filter is dirty or in need of replacing, your entire HVAC system is likely to function improperly. And on the cold days where all you want to do is curl up on your couch under blankets with hot soup in hand, you’re not going to feel so keen on taking care of your air conditioning. Before the cold snaps decide they’re here to stay, check on your air filter now and, if the time is near (but not quite here) to replace it, contemplate buying a backup filter to have on hand later down the road.
  2. Check on your thermostat The last thing you need is for your thermostat to be in dire need of batteries in the middle of a cold night. Be sure your system is charged and consider setting your thermostat to a slightly lower temperature than normal in order to save money on your energy bill. Bundle up at night in order to compensate for the temperature difference and prevent your heat from blowing constantly!
  3. Schedule a routine inspection Ideally, you would have had a heating inspection performed at the start of the fall season. But if not, it’s okay! Just be sure to schedule one now in order to ensure that your HVAC system is in working order and will be running efficiently for the coming cold months ahead.

Preparing for winter is nothing to sweat about, particularly if you contact Bold City Heating and Air. You can rest assured your HVAC system is being checked and repaired by locally trusted professionals! Call us today to have your annual winter inspection scheduled today!

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